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Virtual Postpartum Doula Support
to help you enter motherhood with confidence

As a postpartum doula and certified breastfeeding specialist, I am able to provide support and guidance to new parents on a variety of topics related to caring for their newborn, including soothing techniques, sleep routines, breastfeeding and pumping. I can provide a listening ear for new mothers to process their birth stories and offer support and resources to help them navigate the postpartum period and life with their new baby. I am also able to troubleshoot pumping issues, teach paced-feeding methods to assist with transitioning from bottle to breast, and help mothers size themselves for their flange to make the process of pumping comfortable and more efficient.
Postpartum planning workbook in pdf form two weeks of unlimited text support two thirty minute (ask me anything) phone calls and one video session up to one hour access to the help me feed app for breastfeeding ass
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